The Roles of the Customer and the Cook in Restaurants

Eating out is not an unusual pastime. People do it all the time; some more frequently than others. However, it’s not often that customers think about the people behind the food or what it took to get that dish to the table before them. In her article, “The Restaurant Industry Depends on Immigrants. What HappensContinue reading “The Roles of the Customer and the Cook in Restaurants”

Tortillas: A Cultural History

There had been a discussion in class of how Mexican people nowadays consider themselves independent of indigenous people and how indigenous culture reflects more of the past than it does the present. Though there is still a population of individuals embracing their indigeneity and living by their unique values, they can often be looked downContinue reading “Tortillas: A Cultural History”

A Mexican Food Mukbang in Japan

The trend of Mukbangs originated in Korea and essentially what it is, is usually a single person filming themselves as they eat a large portion of food. In the process, they may conduct in small talk or full conversations if they are streaming live. This type of video has emerged for numerous reasons. For oneContinue reading “A Mexican Food Mukbang in Japan”

The Stigma of Taco Bell

Buzzfeed’s “Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time” depicts Mexican people of various ages trying different items from Taco Bell. Throughout the video, some tacos and burritos were better received than others. The trends I noticed between the older generation and the younger generation eating the food were the different motivations behind theirContinue reading “The Stigma of Taco Bell”

A Closer Look at Appraising Tacos

The study named ‘Appraising Tacos: Unraveling Value-Imbuing Processes and Narratives of Authenticity’ conducted by Samantha Duncan looks into Mexican foods, most specifically the taco, and examines the relationship between the idea of authenticity and commodity. It is an interesting concept of how authenticity itself is a factor which can be used to increase sales andContinue reading “A Closer Look at Appraising Tacos”

Our Sacred Maíz Is Our Mother

During the time of the Spanish conquests in South America, Spanish explorers had a certain disdain toward the indigenous people. There was the perpetual view that they were subhuman and were more equal to that of animals which the Spanish used to justify their cruelty and torture. While looking back on these actions, one couldContinue reading “Our Sacred Maíz Is Our Mother”