Homemade Tacos

I’ve been to a couple of taquerias throughout my journey already and what better way to cap off my series of travels than by trying homemade tacos? Luckily my friend Sonia and her family were gracious enough to have me over. Eating tacos within the minute that they are made was a new experience. It probably contributed to why I liked them so much. I believe part of why I liked the tacos here over the past few places I’ve eaten is because the tortilla was still warm and therefore not dry. That is really to no fault of the restaurants, but it is merely a consequence of having food as takeaway. Upon retrospect, I probably should have eaten the tacos right then and there at the restaurant to get a sense of them when their flavors are at their most optimal.


Evidently, fresh tortillas have the habit of getting dry as quickly as the filling grows cold so it is something to be eaten quickly if one wants to taste it at its full potential. I’ve come to realize that making tacos from scratch is a very tedious task and it is quite amazing to see that they have to be made on a regular basis in restaurants. Sure there are pre-packaged ones sold in all kinds of supermarkets but they’re just not the same. Sonia had told me that her mother didn’t make tacos often due to the hassle of the process but neither of them would every give into store bought since they believe it tasted weird. I’ve never bought the tortillas in the store before but I imagine they would be more suited for wraps rather than tacos or burritos. Maybe one day I’ll buy them and see for myself, but until then, I’ll stick to fresh tortillas.

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