Carnitas Po Boy/Torta

In this video, it depicts a restaurant named El Lupillo which is known for its Carnitas Po Boys. Run by a Henry Vanegas, he details the Po-Boy as well as the Torta. Vanegas had stated that while the Mexican clientele were familiar with the torta, the American customers were not and as a way to make the dish more inviting, but not compromising the authenticity, it was given a different name. This video brings up an interesting point of how one must balance authenticity while still appealing to the consumers who are not familiar with Mexican cuisine. With the carnitas torta, it gets renamed as the po-boy, something which is much more common in Louisiana and therefore more recognizable by the patrons as well.


The composition of the sandwich seems to take from both Mexican cuisine and Louisiana cuisine. While there is the carnitas and the avocado, one can also see the usual aspects of the po boy which contain the baguette bread, cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices. The biggest indicator of how Americanized the dish is, is the bread. If this were a regular torta, the bread would resemble more of a roll. I would say that while the sandwich seems to take a bit from both sides, it expresses more of the cuisine from Louisiana. El Lupillo has found a way to put its own spin on the po-boy, infusing more Mexican tastes to the protein aspect of it, but every other part appears to be identified as existing within the standard Louisianan po-boy.


Southern Foodways. “Henry Vanegas – Carnitas Po Boy.” Vimeo, 9 Apr. 2018,

One thought on “Carnitas Po Boy/Torta

  1. I have you down for all the blog posts this round, amiga. Actually, you are all caught up with the blog posts for the class so far.

    This video gives some insight about how Mexicano folks both learn from the local palettes of folks in the community while also teaching folks about Mexican food through their creations. It’s a kind of meeting halfway, but also a way to create something new–Mexican Southern food.


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